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Customized Work Schedule

Get a personalized schedule for your work, in a very practical and efficient online view. Access a template by clicking the button on the side and check the customization options! 

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Masonry mortar quantity worksheet

With this worksheet, you can calculate how much material you will need to lay the bricks, make the roughcast and plaster of your masonry. Click the button on the side to access!

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Material Checklist Worksheet

Access this free tool to make your construction material list. Surely with it you will have more control of the materials of your work, the costs and deadlines of purchase. Click the button on the side to access!

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Comparison Between Mortars

In this great comparison tool you will see how the choice of mortar can affect your costs and the delivery time of your work! Access this tool by clicking on the button on the side.


Worksheet for monitoring and schedule of works!

In this worksheet you can create a very simple schedule to follow your work. With the automatic generation of a timeline to show the duration of each stage of your work. Click on the button to the side for more information! 



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7 wastes of Lean in Civil Construction*

Learn about the 7 wastes of Lean and how they affect the performance of your company's construction site. Reducing waste is the first step towards a more efficient work.

*In Portuguese

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11 Principles of Lean Construction*

Lean Construction began to be studied in 1992 with Lauri Koskela. In his study he presents the 11 principles that must be followed for the implementation of Lean in civil construction. In this e-book we present and comment a little on these principles.

*In Portuguese

eBook sustentabilidade na construção civ

Sustainability in Civil Construction*

In this free e-book we comment on the situation of sustainability in civil construction around the world and in Brazil. In addition to explaining what Green Buildings are and good practices to make your work more sustainable. Access the e-book by the button on the side!

*In Portuguese


O problema do desperdício de material (2

Waste of Material in Construction

See this infographic that shows how serious the problem of material waste is in world civil construction. Also see the main factors for the generation of waste. Access by clicking on the button to the side.

5 problemas que impedem a modrnização da

5 Problems that prevent the modernization of works

Do you know the main problems that prevent the modernization of works in civil construction? We put together this infographic that shows what these causes are! If you want to know more, access the material by clicking on the button on the side.


Innovative Systems x Productivity

The implementation of innovative systems in the works is an excellent step to gain more productivity and reduce the overall costs of the work. Want to know more about how to do this and the market requirements for the coming years? Access the infographic by clicking the button on the side.


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